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United States

F2U Sparkle by piirmy Name Eefa | Age 21 | Species Capricorn F2U Sparkle by piirmy

I am but a simple Fishy goat, I love to draw and make fursuits. I draw pretty much whatever, bara, horror, nsfw, sfw, ect. Don't be afraid to talk to me. But please do not spam, it's very rude.




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Uhrwerk Geist (oar-verk ghast) are poltergeist that have become overly attached to a certain object or objects. Their obsession has caused their bodies to fuse with the object(s) forming elegantly macabre designs. The object could be something they treasured in life or the cause of their untimely death. Whatever the case may be, their appearance is a scary but beautiful sight to see.

    Uhrwerks are often found haunting graveyards, abandoned buildings, or old towns. They can be either good, bad, or neutral in behavior. For example, in old tales of Uhrwerks, there was one called Seraphina Führen that wandered the forests where a forgotten castle lie. They were described as having a birdcage as their torso and a crown of candles. They would guide those who were lost in the woods to safety with their blue glow as a guiding light.

    Uhrwerks tend to go after objects that are antiques rather than new modern tech (ie no cyborgs) Some will even fuse with animal/human skeletons. If they fuse with a skull or mask there is a high chance the skull will be inhabited by a Haustiergeist (How-ster-ghast) or pet ghost.

    Haustiergeist are wisp like entities that happily coexist with Uhrwerks. In exchange for a safe place to live Haustiergeist offer extra abilities to the host. Such as flying, human possession, clairvoyance, and an extra opinion if needed. The more Haustiergeist a Uhrwerk has the stronger their abilities. They are able to talk to their host like an inner voice of reason and rarely are able to be heard by others.

    In addition to the haustiergeist abilities Uhrwerks are able to use telekinesis, phase through solid objects, project past events (like an illusion), change into a human like form, and their voices are able to lure humans like a siren. Apart from those some Uhrwerks have up to three special powers of their own.  

    Like many spirits, Uhwerks can be exercised. They don’t disappear completely, instead they either return or move somewhere else. Depending on how many Haustiergeist they have determines how hard they are to get rid of.

  • 1's are easy to banish

  • 2's are little annoying but simple

  • 3's return a few times but can be banished

  • 4's return multiple times and are harder to banish

  • 5's are even harder to banish and takes a LOT of tries

  • 6+ there's no banishing them, you're stuck with them

Physical traits:

  • Black sclera

  • second color ring around the pupil

  • Fire/candle crown  (both can be any color but does not burn when touched)

  • Objects that are in place of body parts (ex. birdcage torso)

Special Abilities:

  • Telekinesis

  • Phasing through solid objects

  • Siren like voice (to lure or guide humans)

  • Able to project past events (such as how they died) like a film projector.

  • Can change into a physical human like form (eyes and animal/elf ears remain)

  • Immortal (they’re already dead)

  • Up to 3 special powers separate from the species and Haustiergeist



  • 1 pair of wings

  • 2 Horns on head only

  • Human ears or long elf ears

  • Fire crown

  • 1-2 objects


  • 2 pairs of wings

  • Heterochromia

  • 3-4 horns

  • 1-4 body spikes

  • Kemonomimi ears and animal tails

  • Candle crown

  • 3-4 objects


  • 3 pairs of wings

  • Crown of horns 5-10 (still require flames or candles)

  • 5-10 body spikes

  • Detachable body parts

  • 5 objects

Adopt/custom adopts only:

  • Taur

  • Prehistoric

  • Statue pieces

  • 6+ haustiergheist

  • Multiple ears and tails

  • White iris

  • Completely black eyes

  • Extra limbs

  • Object wings



  • Fire halos (can be made with candles but the candles must be attached to something, not floating)

  • Eyes must contain 2 colors, a main color and an inner ring around the pupil

  • Sclera must be black

  • Must be steampunk, gothic, or antique in design. (If they look like they’re from an old fairytale they’re good)

  • Objects must be from the 1800’s or older (no 60’s tvs)

  • At least one body part replaced with an object


  • Heterochromia  (example, you can have one eye that's blue with a pink ring and a green eye with a yellow ring)

  • Animal tails and ears (only one pair of ears and one tail)

  • Horns attached to head

  • Body spikes (up to 10)

  • Wings (up to 3 pairs) can be attached to the back, hips, ankles, or head. They can be any type of wing but they all must be the same type no mismatched wings. (must have a Haustiergeist in order to fly)

  • Plant life (vine type plants)  growing on Uhrwerk

  • Up to 5 Haustiergeist

  • Any body type or gender

  • Any skin tone, even odd colors

  • Detachable body parts (within reason)

  • BJD parts (not the whole body though)

  • Those with cages, aquariums and terrariums can have small animals in them (ex. Birds, fish, insects, mostly any plants etc.)

  • Statue pieces can replace a limb or be an extra limb, they can even be a taur with an animal statue. (must be stone or wood in color/texture)

  • Can be a taur with an animal skeleton (must be large enough to support their bodies)

NOT Allowed

  • Modern tech

  • Near robotic appearance

  • Any oc’s younger than 18

  • No object heads (ears and eyes can be replaced with something but not the whole head)

  • Taxidermy, insects, or live animals

  • Food objects

Editing your Uhrwerk

  • You may change one object at a time

  • No adding more objects or haustiergeist unless you pay for additions

  • Uhrwerks must be recognizable to the old design, no complete overhauls


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